Commercial offices achieving near ‘perfect’ power

Case Study: Power Factor Correction


Commercial Office Building: 9,243m2
Location: 187 Todd Road, Port Melbourne VIC
Project Value: $30k
Return on Investment: 6-7 months
Project Summary: Installation of 300kVAR Power Factor Correction Unit to manage their peak kVA demand, improve electrical efficiency and drive down overall electricity costs.


The asset is a three story commercial office building with a net lettable area of 9,243m2.

As with many commercial and industrial properties there was an opportunity to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs and work towards greater overall sustainability. One especially important aspect of achieving this was ensuring that the quality of the power supply was at its best. Improving the quality of the power supply can be attained by improving the Power Factor.

‘Power Factor Correction is a way of raising Power Factor that is less than 1, the closer it gets to 1, the more efficiently it runs.



Prolux assessed the quality of the power supply at 187 Todd Rd to determine the site’s Power Factor. It was identified from the assessment that the client would benefit from installing a 300kVAR Power Factor Correction Unit.


Prolux supplied and installed the Power Factor Correction Unit adjacent to the Main Switchboard. The installation required full site power isolation. Works were completed in one day.




Less power consumed, for the exact same amount of power required.

As you can see in the diagram below, the Power Factor Correction Unit was installed on April 4th and the results of the correction were immediate.

The right-side vertical axis shows the Power Factor range from 0 at the bottom to a perfect 1 at the top (1 being the highest quality Power Factor possible). The green line represents the Power Factor, identifying that it rose from 0.85 to closer to 1.

The left side vertical axis shows the power being used. The orange, blue and red lines represent the power consumption. The overall power consumption (using the same amount of power) decreased immediately after the Power Factor Correction Unit was installed.


‘As the quality of Power Factor is increased, the amount of power required decreases.’


  • Savings on electricity costs
  • Greater electrical capacity for other equipment
  • Feasible reduction in carbon footprint
  • Possible improvement of  NABERS energy rating


With the landlord taking ownership of their energy use, they are now reaping the rewards with a reduced power bill, increased supply availability for other equipment and savings of over $4,500 per month.

At this rate, the PFC unit will pay for itself in less than 7 months.’


Prolux offer complimentary Power Quality Assessments. Call 1800 800 880 today to see how Power Factor Correction can benefit your sites.