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Are you renovating, upgrading, building a new office complex or just wanting to install a single GPO? Well let’s get you connected then…

Prolux provide a range of lighting solutions for the contemporary and modern apartment building, retail outlet and office space to the large scale energy efficient lighting for commercial and industrial warehouses, factories and business alike.

We can provide you with optimum choices for your lighting solutions. You will find our level of expertise unsurpassed.” 

Office Lighting Melbourne | Brisbane | Sydney

Whether you require new LED fixtures to illuminate your building’s stairwell or car park, a chandelier to create an exuberant entrance for your foyer or downlights to generate a warm ambience within your meeting or boardroom, Prolux can accommodate. We take into consideration the duration – length at which lights run on a daily basis, identifying areas of efficiency for long jeopardy and we counteract these findings with the ‘look’ you’re wanting to achieve, along with your lighting budget.

Office Networking | Office Data Installation

An Enterprise Network may serve multiple locations and include sophisticated equipment that must be maintained by highly trained network electricians and computer programmers. A small office network may require 10 or so computers and a couple of laser printers to manage a consistent, yet far less substantial workload than its ‘enterprise’ cousin. The network for the small office must allow members of the organisation to share information, as well as printers and other peripherals. The computing needs of most small organisations can be met by a single local area network with one or two servers, using readily available components. Prolux can evaluate your network needs and provide valuable feedback for what you’ll need. This priceless information will help you to avoid making technology decisions yourself, that might limit your company as it expands.

Office Cabling | Office Data Cabling

Prolux Electrical Contractors can provide all hardware and data cabling requirements from small scale home offices to large corporate business enterprises: CAT5 and CAT6 cabling, fibre optic cable, network adapters and sockets, hubs, cables, internet cabling, connections and cabling for phone lines, printers, modems, computers, projector screens and patch panels.

Office Wiring

Wired installations can be problematic, sometimes due to planning or building restrictions; normally wired networks are installed where reliability and speed are paramount. Expanding networks can also be tricky. Making sure there is a redundant system in these networks is essential for troubleshooting and expansion; wired networks are normally employed to fixed or static computers.

Prolux Electrical Contractors have the expertise to assess your office networking and data requirements and provide you with the best possible solutions now and for future practicabilities.

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