Winter Electrical Safety Campaign

In the winter months, we tend to bring out the old electric blankets or the old dusty electric heaters, or other electrical appliances to help keep the family warm. However, it’s important before commencing use of these electrics, that they are inspected and tested for any visible damage, i.e. cords frayed; build up of dust, etc. Thoroughly cleaning these electrical appliances and making sure they are ready for safe use is one way of minimizing the risk of electric shocks, severe injuries, burns, house fires along with preventing the possible outcome of death.
We often read in the news over the winter months of house fires with expected cause being electric blanket and electric plug in heaters. We recommend you speak to your family and discuss ways you can minimise risks around the home.

The CFA and MFB are asking everyone across the state to start their own winter safety campaign by planning ahead and:

  • check that the smoke alarms in their homes are working, as only working alarms save lives;
  • plan how they would get out of their home if there was a fire, and practice it regularly;
  • be aware of fire risks in the home; and
  • keep a list of emergency numbers near the phone.