Change your clocks, change your smoke alarm battery

Smoke alarms are a compulsory method to reducing the risk of injuries or death in a house fire. They are designed to save lives and protect property from the powerful destruction of fire. Smoke detectors should be installed to detect smoke before it reaches sleeping occupants, therefore its best installed near bedrooms, main living areas and of course in the kitchen. To ensure smoke alarms are effective it is important that they and regularly inspected and tested, along with maintenance to any smoke detector that requires repairs or replacement. The operation of most smoke alarms can be checked by pressing a button on the outside of the alarm. The test should be conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Smoke detectors must be installed directly to the power mains as well as having a backup battery, which activates when power has been disconnected from a property. The battery needs to be replaced on an annual basis; most common smoke detectors will make a warning sound when battery is low, urging you to replace it.

Interconnecting smoke alarms is an inexpensive and important safety tip to ensure all smoke alarms will activate at the same time when the risk arises.

A hardwired smoke detector needs to be wired to an electricity supply, this will require an electrician; call Prolux Electrical to discuss your smoke detector needs.

Here are a few little reminders:


All smoke alarms:

  • Must contain a battery
  • Need to be tested regularly
  • Need to be replaced after 10 years

How do I test and clean my smoke alarm?

  • Monthly: Test by pressing the test button with a broom handle
  • Yearly: Vacuum around your smoke alarm vents
  • Yearly: Replace your 9 volt battery each year at the end of daylight saving

To jog your memory *change your clocks, change your smoke alarm battery*