COVID-19 Surveillance and Control Mechanisms

When Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed the Nation in a press conference on April 16th 2020 he mentioned that the first thing we need to get in place was ‘more extensive surveillance.’

He stated that ‘we need to ensure that when we move to a lesser restriction environment that we have confidence that we’ll be able to identify any outbreaks very quickly and respond to them.’

He also communicated that we need ‘an even greater tracing capability than we have now, stating that those out there who’re tracking down cases of COVID-19 were doing a fantastic job, but when lifting that to an industrial capability that we need to do that using technology.’

Professor Brendan Murphy commented that ‘you cannot relax your surveillance and control mechanisms just because you have for a period of time not detected new cases.’ It’s highly imperative that we get protection in place now, because ‘the virus writes its own rules.’

Scientists are now in the process of developing a phone app to track and predict COVID-19 outbreaks. The app encourages users to log in daily and answer questions regarding symptoms and risk factors that are not yet recorded by health authorities. The information collected alerts astrophysicists to identify geographical clusters of symptoms and detect where COVID-19 could be spreading.

Prolux understand the importance of being across all changes for our clients, awareness and safety are paramount. Keeping at the forefront of technology allows us to deliver innovative products that not only create value but provide a solution.

With the sudden onset of COVID-19, our thermal imaging technicians looked further into surveillance and control mechanisms, one standout being the Dahua Human Body Temperature Measurement Solution.

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