Do you find that with all the extra appliances you use: air conditioning, fridges, microwaves, computers, laptops, electric heaters, TVs, game consoles… there is loss of power? Or when you have too many appliances switched on at once you trip your safety switch?

We often find that older switchboards are not able to provide a steady flow of electricity to modern power devices. A sure sign that you have an outdated switchboard is loss of power when you have numerous electrical equipment switched on at once. This can be very annoying and dangerous! Just compare the appliances that we have in our homes now to what we had twenty or thirty years ago. Prolux Electrical Contractors are the electrician who can solve this common problem, simply by upgrading your current switchboard.

Frequent power trips or flickering lights are one indication that you need a switchboard upgrade.”


Older homes often have outdated electrical switchboards and older fuse boxes, which are rarely equipped with electrical safety switches. These are now a ‘must have’ for all homes to keep you and your loved ones protected. A simple inspection of your switchboard will reveal if your fuse box, wiring and circuits are safe and if you require a fuse box repair and upgrade. These older homes really need their fuse boxes upgraded to the newer switchboards, this is because older fuse boxes do not have RCDs or circuit breakers fitted and they were not designed to deal with the electrical power demands of today’s technological advances.

Lower your energy costs by upgrading your switchboard.”


Prolux Electrical Contractors offer switchboard repairs and upgrades to homes throughout Melbourne and Brisbane. Our team of experienced electricians can assess your current switchboard and provide you with a switchboard upgrade or simply repair your current switchboard if anything is unsafe.

At Prolux, we have all the experience necessary to upgrade your old switchboard to a safer, more effective switchboard quickly. We only use quality products and all electrical work carried out by us is 100% guaranteed.

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