Connecting the points: Data points, Data cabling and home network upgrades.

The modern home now has a greater need than ever for connectivity. Where in the past, the telephone was the main form of communication with the outside world, the average home now has multiple computers, televisions and entertainment units. With internet, email, social networking and local area networks, it’s quite common nowadays to find homes with their own file servers and networks. Home automations and even file sharing are not uncommon at all. When it comes to home networks, the need for speed has never been greater.

Prolux Electrical Contractors can provide installation of TV and data points in your home, allowing for seamless sharing of information within the house with unlimited data points and hubs.

Home data cabling is as important as commercial data cabling. With CAT 5 and CAT 6 DATA cables, you will get a seamless connectivity in your home and you can automate all your electronic devices easily from a single point. With Prolux Electrical Contractor’s home data cabling services in Melbourne, you will be rest assured that your home will remain highly safe and secured, because we deliver services that you can trust on. With our home data cabling solutions in Melbourne, you can turn your home in a complete entertainment hub and provide your guests with a versatile connectivity and entertainment.

Prolux Electrical Contractors install:

  • CAT 5 ethernet cabling
  • CAT 6 ethernet cabling
  • CAT 6A ethernet cabling

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