What are the best spa and swimming pool lights to install?

How much do pool lights cost?

Depending on the type of lighting you choose and the amount of lights you require will affect the overall cost of your pool lighting. If you are simply replacing a few globes and you’re still able to use your existing transformers, then it could just be a case of a few hundred dollars. However, if you’re designing a new pool lighting layout then you’ll have to think about a number of factors: 12 or 32 volts? Coloured or standard lens? Halogen lights or LED? Many halogen lights are no longer being produced and they’re being replaced with a much better LED counterpart. You may not be able to get an exact replacement if you have an older model halogen light and you may therefore need to choose a new light altogether.
The two main types of lighting styles used for Concrete, Vinyl and Fibre Glass pools are Surface Mounted – lights installed on the side of the pool’s wall, which are Flush or Niche Mounted – lights installed inside the pool’s wall with only the face plate of the light exposed.”

Halogen versus LED Lights…

In the world that is underwater lighting, the question that’s continually floating to the surface is… Should I install Halogen or LED lights? Halogen Lighting has been around for many years, their easy operation and high lumen’s output has provided a reliable source of lighting. LED lights are still relatively new, they provide a high output and are a highly efficient source of lighting. Halogen lighting is a simple process; it operates by using electricity to heat a tungsten filament to a few hundred degrees within a sealed glass compartment, this compartment is filled with halogen gas, which when operated at the right temperature or voltage collects the vaporised tungsten and redeposits it back onto the filament. In ideal conditions, this process can continue to operate for up to 1200 hours, after which the globe will need to be replaced. In a pool or spa environment this is generally around 2 years. The light produced by a halogen light is often described as soft lighting, this is because the colour of a halogen light is very warm (2800k – 3000k) and when it passes through a coloured lens its brightness is filtered and in turn reduced. The end result is a subtle, pale colour and subdued brightness. LEDs on the other hand are some of the brightest lights on the market, with low voltage applications and a luminous efficacy (rating for efficiency of a globe; calculated as lumens per watt of 80lm/w) they are a far more efficient choice of lighting than that of traditional halogen lights;  a luminous efficacy of 20lm/w. The high brightness of the LED combined with their specific wavelengths illuminates the pool in a vibrant opalescent effect which can completely transform the look of a pool or spa at night.
LED Pool Light

“Add a shimmer of light to a warm summer’s night.”

Pool lights not working?

Damaged or broken pool light? You may be able to replace an old Stroud pool light with a new LED Retro pool light, as this light has been designed to do just that. It will use your existing transformer and will automatically adjust to suit the voltage of the previous light, whether it’s 12 or 32 volts. A qualified electrician will need to fully inspect not only the lights, but the wiring and components in order to identify the problem(s) and complete the works.

Remote control lights?
The RM-2 Remote Control Unit can give you the capacity to turn your pool or spa lights on and off at your convenience from a hand held device. Operating from up to 200 metres on a long life lithium battery it does not require line of sight, as it operates through walls.


Want to refresh the appearance of your pool?
Upgrading your pool or spa lighting is the cheapest, easiest and most effective way to refresh the appearance of your pool or spa, but also has the potential to reduce your energy consumption by up to 90%. Swimmers and observers will have greater visibility, thus  improving safety. Why not install the tri-colour lights which allow you to change the colours at your leisure. You can even purchase clip-on coloured lenses for an easy do-it-yourself pool lighting feature for a special event or change of scenery.

Pool Lighting 7

“There’s nothing more enjoyable than entertaining friends and family around the pool on a warm summer’s evening. In addition to adding an amazing ambience, a well illuminated pool will provide hours of entertainment!

Want lighting to compliment your swimming pool?
We all know that lighting creates ambiance and can intensify the mood of any given area. Lighting within a pool can create a spectacular vision with the glow glistening off the water. It’s not just about the lights within the pool that creates the ‘look’, it’s the area surrounding the pool that can create a ‘dynamic look…’


Prolux Electrical Contractors provide and install all types of lighting. We can advise you on which lights will work best for the areas you’re wanting to enhance, whilst being good to our environment.

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