Underfloor heating systems can save you money and energy.

The World’s Safest and Smartest Underfloor Heating System

Why not consider floor heating for your family home or place of business this winter and take away the chill?
Livella underfloor heating systems are smart, featuring world first technology that saves you money and enormous amounts of energy for our environment.

Prolux Electrical Contractors are the electrician’s in Melbourne who provide installation for Livella Floor Heating in Melbourne. Prolux provide residential homes, commercial businesses and industrial warehouses with both energy efficient and cost effective heating solutions: in-slab and on-slab radiant floor heating.

What is in-slab underfloor heating installation?
In-slab heating is the process of laying floor heating cables within a concrete slab and therefore needs to be done when construction is happening.

What is on-slab underfloor heating installation?
On-slab or above floor heating is the process of clipping heating cables to set concrete and then screeding over (thin layer of cement and sand mixture placed on top) the floor heating cables and either tiling, laying floor boards or carpet over it. This can be done after construction, at a later stage.

What are the benefits of using electric underfloor heating?

  1. Clean and Safe Heat
    Livella floor heating systems produce clean, safe heat. Electric floor heating is both a healthy and more responsive alternative than the other traditional heating appliances, making it perfect for use throughout your office or home, as a family friendly option. Unlike heaters that are mounted on the wall, gas or fire log heaters or lamp heaters that just produce very hot heat in only one area, floor heating systems deliver gentle low temperatures evenly throughout, for a superior, all clean and safe heat effect.
  2. Suitable for Wet Areas
    Underfloor heating is waterproof, making it perfectly safe for use in all wet areas: bathrooms, showers, wet rooms and other public amenities. If there is damage to the floor heating system, e.g. accidentally drilling a doorstop through the floor, then your RCD or safety switch will instantaneously disconnect power from the heating cable.
  3. Asthmatic and Allergy Friendly Heat
    Livella floor heating is the most allergy and asthma friendly form of heating available. Because floor heating systems bypass air, they do not circulate dust, smoke, pollen particles or other allergens, which can prove problematic for asthmatic and allergy sufferers. Livella’s warm floors allows them to deliver continuous comfort and the reliance of convective currents to warm people and surfaces evenly, all whilst greatly enhancing air quality.
  4. Totally Invisible and Unobtrusive Heating
    Underfloor heating is both invisible and unobstructive. Livella floor heating cables can be installed underneath any floor covering, making it an amazing space saver plus keeping it safely out of reach from prying fingers. With floor heating you won’t be looking at unsightly wall heaters or heater vents in and around your home. And, there are no cords to trip over. You wouldn’t even know it is there, apart for the warm radiance you’ll feel beneath your feet.
  5. Natural Warmth
    Livella’s underfloor heating systems are installed only millimetres under floor tiles, timber and carpets and literally take minutes to start warming up your cold rooms, producing natural warmth.

How much does floor heating cost to run?

Floor heating, whether it’s in-slab or on-slab heating is efficient to run and is very cost effective. Running costs equate to one and a half cents per square metre, per hour, which is 0.36 cents per day. Floor heating is also great for drying clothes, as it’s much more cost effective to run than a clothes dryer.

Asthma, Hay Fever & Allergy relief!
Families who suffer from allergies, hay fever or asthma will appreciate the difference that clean, safe heat will provide them with. Finally being able to relax in your warm environment without drying out the air – which is a common cause of eye and nose irritations – or unnecessarily disturbing airborne irritants, is a key benefit to installing floor heating in carpeted rooms. By drying surfaces in a designated room you’ll limit the ability of mould spores and dust mites surviving, which in-turn will create a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

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It’s obvious why many people are choosing Prolux Electrical Contractors Melbourne to have Livella radiant floor heating installation in their homes and places of business, as the benefits speak for themselves. Call us today so we can create an environment that provides you with SAFE, CLEAN heat.

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