Commercial and Industrial Switchboard Installation

For years, we have been designing, upgrading and installing industrial and commercial switchboards for hundreds of businesses. We provide new and commercial switchboard upgrades for office buildings, factories and retail outlets and machine switchboard repairs and upgrades, including switchboard upgrades to effectively manage 3 phase power. We have built up a reputation in electrical maintenance for providing tailored designed electrical switchboards and pump system requirements for industrial and commercial clients.

Commercial Switchboard Installation

Large commercial office buildings, workshops, factories and retail outlets require specialised and complex switchboards, many requiring 3 phase power to deal with their large power demands. At Prolux Electrical Contractors, we provide switchboard installation, support and maintenance services to handle the demands of both single phase and three phase power units, including:

  • PLC installation and programming
  • Substation supply and installation
  • High Voltage and Low Voltage reticulation
  • Supply and installation of water and waste water pumping solutions
  • Refit and upgrade of existing installations, local and remote
  • Refurbishment of pump stations mechanical plant and pipe work
  • Installation and testing of pumps and generators

Industries including real estate and body corporate, retail, water and sewerage treatment plants, mining, manufacturing, food processing and restaurants, automotive, data storage, power stations and numerous other businesses require the services of switchboard maintenance and upgrades for their industrial and commercial switchboards. Facility and Building Maintenance Building Managers and Property Managers of commercial buildings and sky rise corporate offices have an obligation to maintain their building’s switchboards to a high standard. This includes routine inspections for switchboard repairs and preventative switchboard maintenance issues: Fault diagnosis, Thermal Imaging, Power Factor Correction, etc.

Commercial Switchboard Upgrades

Commercial switchboards are complex in nature. A well planned commercial electrical switchboard dramatically improves safety and reduces downtime. Often possessing thousands of connections, an electrician requires a wealth of experience in order to repair or upgrade a commercial switchboard. Prolux Electrical Contractors have this experience.

Whether you need to upgrade your switchboard to avoid overloading, install a new modern switchboard or repair a switchboard on a machine in your factory or office, Prolux Electrical Contractors can fulfil your requirements with confidence.

We provide thermal imaging of electrical switchboards and equipment, identifying any problem areas, any heat patterns or temperature changes, used in addition to maintenance management. We provide thermal imaging reports, identifying faults, leaks and weaknesses not visible to the human eye. Identifying these faults, abnormal thermal activity and leaks can reduce the chance of component failure and prevent your building(s) from being affected by costly breakdowns and interruptions to daily routine operation.

Prolux Electrical Contractors industrial and commercial switchboards and panels:

  • Main Switchboards
  • Distribution Switchboards
  • Electrical Distribution Switchboards
  • Motor Control Centres
  • Standby Generator Systems
  • Water & Waste Water Pump Station Switchboards
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant Switchboards

Benefits of upgrading your switchboard

  1. When a circuit is tripped due to an overload, the restoration of power is easy
  2. You’ll have full protection against electrocution, with RCDs or RCBOs
  3. There is a reduced risk of an electrical fire, due to cables overheating

Do you have an older switchboard, are you upgrading your machinery or expanding your business, then you should consider upgrading your switchboard to cope with any added electrical demands. The last thing you want is a power failure because your existing switchboard cannot cope with the additional demands of your business, or even worse still an electrical fire or electrocution.

Prolux Electrical Contractors will make sure your commercial switchboard is safe. All of our switchboards are fitted with RCDs and individual circuit breakers to ensure safety and all parts and accessories we use are fully compliant with Australian Industry Standards. Using Prolux gives you piece of mind.

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