Rewire, for your growing business.

A growing business often means a growing need for power and connectivity. Prolux Electrical Contractors supports businesses by providing prompt, reliable and effective electrical services for rewiring a factory, shop, an apartment complex, office building and alike.

Whether you need more power, 3 phase power, data points, phone lines or power upgrades to your computer networking, our electricians will get the job done, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Need more power?

Looking to install a high powered device, large ducted air conditioner, large welder or compressor or even a lift, then you’ll be in the market for upgrading your power supply and possibly needing to have 3 phase power connected to your premises.

What is 3 Phase Power?

Three phase power provides three separate currents and together they deliver a balanced load. This is something that isn’t possible with single-phase power, as it can only provide power through an alternating current. In an alternating current, the current alternates direction, travelling back and forth within the circuit; meaning the voltage alternates, constantly changing from minimum to maximum. Three phase power combines the three wires to off-set the minimum to maximum oscillations, allowing a device receiving three phase power not to experience such a difference in variation of voltage. This makes three phase power extremely efficient, as a three phase electric motor uses less electricity and usually lasts longer than a single phase motor of the same rating and voltage.

Need to rewire your office, shop or factory?

Firstly a site inspection is required to determine the extent of what will need to be rewired and upgraded. You may request to have an Electrical Safety Check of the site done to identify any areas of concern. Personal safety is of primary concern if wiring is faulty or not up to safety standards. Insurance companies will take no responsibility if you do not have all wiring, fittings, appliances and electrical components installed and serviced to the accredited standards. Prolux Electrical Contractors are familiar with current wiring regulations as well as relevant ANZ standards.

When electrical circuits and power points need replacing this may involve a partial or complete rewiring of your premises. This is especially relevant if the building is old, or was poorly or incorrectly wired when first constructed. Solid brick buildings tend to be more expensive to rewire due to the limited access they provide, whilst timber framed structures with floorboards offer more space and easier access.

Rewiring services:

  • 3 phase power
  • Surge suppressors and surge protectors
  • Fuse box and circuit breakers
  • Electrical rewiring and alterations
  • Safety switch installations & tripping safety switch installations
  • Meter panel installations
  • Switchboard upgrades and switchboard repairs
  • Wiring of new premises and rewiring and upgrades of struggling circuits and switchboards

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