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The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) cabling standards body has announced that Category 5e (CAT5e) cabling, installed in many office buildings throughout Melbourne will now be considered as obsolete for new installations.   The ISO/IEC 11801 standard was the first international standard set for cabling in commercial and industrial buildings. The ISO/IEC continues to develop, maintain and promote standards within t...

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Human Resource Management is one of the big issues a company faces. A main problem for some is moving too prematurely into recruiting someone and not ending up with the right person.   Employers will view new employees as an investment and therefore anticipate a financial return over time.”   Prolux Electrical Contractors – electricians in Melbourne – witnessed first hand the managerial, financial and cultural impact of recruiting in a hurry. “I had to recruit within...

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Put an end to tacky lights, with a fresh spin on industrial lighting. Industrial decor is fast becoming the ‘must have look,’ why? Well, with the highly sort after city lifestyle, the location of many of these warehouses make them prime property for spectacular loft apartment conversions. The industrial and contemporary facade of these commercial buildings is a shell for the transformed interiors, highlighting such features as exposed pipes, metal and rustic finishings, exposed bricks and ...
We are all aware of the specific benefits LED lighting has implemented for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. The high demand for LED lighting is due to its energy efficiency, longevity and reduced energy consumption, resulting in major savings for facility managers and property owners. 5 major benefits of installing LED Retrofit Lights Great for the environment Reduced maintenance costs Lower energy costs High performance – bright lighting Very long service life ...

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Energy conscious home-owners are quickly switching to LED lighting, for not only the savings, but also for the advanced capabilities and stunning lighting designs that are now available. There is no question that there are significant savings by installing LED lights over traditional lighting products, with the added life span of an additional 50,000 hrs plus. “Quality LED lighting will be a greater expense than simply by replacing out-dated lights, but the savings that will be received long ...

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Just bought a pool table and don’t know what type of lights to hang above it? Pool table lights are a great way to illuminate any pool room but more importantly they need to create the right kind of lighting. Their purpose is to light the table, not the room, floor or the players. The lighting above your pool table should eliminate shadows and glare, to allow the players to clearly see the balls.                                           ...

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Smoke Alarms – The Life-Saving Detector You’re asleep; your children are peacefully asleep also. Unbeknown to you, there’s a blown fuse in your house, it begins to spark, and smoke emanates. You’re awoken by a horrible, incessant noise: Beep…Beep…Beep… You rush out of your burning home, family in tow. You’re safe, you’re all safe, and in your moment of reflection, you realise the severity of what could have been without your smoke alarms. Smoke alarm legal requirements Ho...