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Are you looking for the right Abbotsford electrician? At Prolux Electrical Contractors have a dedicated team of professionals working in Abbotsford, we provide a superior service to meet your needs, exactly. Perhaps you're looking to renovate and require an electrician in Abbotsford to rewire your property, install data and communications, or provide you with a unique lighting design? Prolux Electrical Abbotsford electricians provide an unparalleled level of service for all our residen...

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Prolux Electrical would like to remind all of our lovely supporting families and clients out there to remember a few safety tips over the Christmas season. When setting up Christmas lights, check the plug ends and the wiring for any damage, if there is visible damage, please discard and do not use. Make sure lights are set up neatly and not tangled. Tape down any wiring that could become a tripping hazard. Inspect all connections for dust before connecting to a power point. Use a dry ...

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A Powerstar voltage optimisation system is a unique, innovative way to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption. Case studies have proven a saving of up to 26.1% of consumed electricity. Each system is site specific designed ensuring it’s manufactured to meet requirements for accurate power optimisation. The Powerstar system also acts to reduce costs for maintenance because it is designed to filter out harmonics and protect against power spikes, therefore increases the lif...

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Safety switches provide protection against injuries caused by electricity. Many of the fatalities caused by electricity could be easily prevented by installing a safety switch. A safety switch is designed to save lives by monitoring power flow and making sure it is even. When a person comes into direct contact with electricity, electricity is directed through their body to earth. This causes a loss in the amount of electricity in the electrical circuit (the path for the flow of electricity). A s...

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In the winter months, we tend to bring out the old electric blankets or the old dusty electric heaters, or other electrical appliances to help keep the family warm. However, it's important before commencing use of these electrics, that they are inspected and tested for any visible damage, i.e. cords frayed; build up of dust, etc. Thoroughly cleaning these electrical appliances and making sure they are ready for safe use is one way of minimizing the risk of electric shocks, severe injuries, burns...

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As prescribed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers have a duty of care to provide a safe work environment for their employees. Part of this duty of care is to test and tag all electrical equipment. Faulty electrical devices in the office or factory represent a huge risk to anyone who may come into contact with them. Prolux Electrical Contractors provide a complete testing and tagging service, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring your employees a safe place of work. ...

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It is your legal responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees and clients by complying with the Australia Standards for all commercial and industrial and or office buildings to have installed emergency and exit lighting systems. In a serious incident, exit & emergency lighting systems can play a big part in preventing life threatening injuries and/or death in some circumstances. Just like in your personal home, you are required to install smoke detectors to ensure the safety of y...