Home Automation and Access Control for the modern office

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State of the art access control – easy, automatic.

Home Automation explained…

Home Automation is the integration of electrical devices working with each other. Things such as turning on lights anywhere throughout an entire building, opening blinds, pre-setting climate control or linking speakers to play music in office spaces can all be equated for, with a simple press of a button.

Devices can be connected through a computer or hand held device (smart phone or tablet) to allow for full control of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, appliances, security locks of gates and doors or other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.

What is Biometrics?
Biometrics is the term used for measuring and analysing biological data; physical characteristics i.e. fingerprints, the eye’s iris, facial structure or voice.  It can be used for identification purposes and security to allow access to protected areas.

How does Biometrics work?
Firstly, it receives data through an appropriate scanner, encrypts the data and then analyses it.

How much does Home Automation Cost?

Prices start from as little as a few hundred dollars for something along the lines of a CBUS wireless light switch for your office. If you’re after something even more high tech, a Biometric Iris Scanner could cost you in excess of a few thousand dollars. If you’re looking to have your entire building fitted-out, then you’ll need to go through what a control system can do for you.

“Almost any appliance can be monitored and controlled automatically or remotely!”


Home Automation Control Systems:

    • PUSH
    • CBUS
    • StarServe
    • Dynalite 

Home Automation Solutions:

  • Access Control
  • Automate Lights
  • Install Intercoms
  • Internet Devices and Media
  • Install Security Cameras and Alarms
  • Climate Control – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Control – Automatic Blinds, Automatic Curtains or Roller Shutters managing brightness, glare, temperature control and privacy
  • Audio Visual Installation – Theatre, TV, Media Centre, Foxtel, Blu Ray/DVD
  • Automate Doors or Entrance Ways
  • Automate Water Flow, Lighting and Temperature Control – Bath, Pool, Spa and Pond
  • Automate Tank Water and Irrigation
  • Keyless Entry Door Locks
  • Domotics – Systems talking to each other  for improved efficiency, safety and convenience


The Ultimate in Convenience and Luxury…
Through the ingenious network that is ‘automation’, it’s easy to enjoy the ultimate in luxury. A tailored ‘smart office’ can fulfil your every request; putting you in charge of managing multiple devices simultaneously and effortlessly. From the moment you walk through your foyer, the pleasure of home automation will become evident.


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