Congratulations to Prolux, 15 years of service

From its humble beginnings in 2004, Prolux had a vision to revolutionise electrical building maintenance and provide turnkey electrical fit-out solutions. Fifteen years later, Prolux is providing electrical building compliance solutions and maintenance to over 400 commercial and industrial properties throughout Australia.

End-of-trip Facilities providing the wellbeing drawcard for Commercial Tenants

The introduction of convenient lavish end-of-trip facilities is fast becoming adopted by commercial offices and workplaces to cater for those choosing to help themselves and our environment by ‘riding to work.’

Employers are getting on board with end-of-trip facilities as they know the importance of corporate social responsibility and their role in an era of addressing a greater environmental consciousness and increased awareness of health for their employees.

A healthier office leads to more productive and happier staff and less cars on the roads equates to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; a win win for all.

Cars equate for over 50% of Australia’s total transport greenhouse gas emissions

For the employer, a reduction in traffic reduces the need to allocate more parking spaces, less construction costs associated with building parking towers and more space to be utilised to benefit the tenants in other ways: relaxation areas, chill-out zones or exclusive lounges. And by taking care of cyclists, joggers or walkers who get to work based on their efforts and not by those driving or utilising public transport, they’re not only creating a healthier workplace, but also helping to reshape the way in which our city is engineered. For what seems as convenience, is in fact forward-thinking in design.

It’s all about the end-user

A healthier workforce, increased staff well-being, higher productivity, an improved corporate image and reduced demand for car parking are all seen as benefits for leasing tenants, along with a reduction in carbon emissions for us all.

So what do end-of-trip facilities provide?

End-of-trip facilities include provisions such as bike racks, change rooms, showers and personal storage lockers. Many lavish tenancies are providing more appealing facilities to ensure busy executives have a clean, calm and comfortable place to start their day, or freshen-up after lunch-time recreation.

Take one of Melbourne’s prestigious office towers for example, located at 101 Collins Street. Last year the entire ground floor car park was replaced with a luxury end-of-trip facility, boasting personal grooming stations, lounge seating and parking for 500 bikes. This facility mimics the amenities of a six-star hotel or wellness centre with its fluffy towels, muted lighting, terrazzo floors, wood-panel and fabric walls, black marble showers, hydration stations and an opulent reception lounge.

Developers are incorporating such facilities into new commercial buildings, along with many older buildings being refurbished to host the highly sort after amenities. These changes are happening in response to the rising number of people who are using alternative methods of travel to work, rather than driving or using public transport. And that’s great news for sustainability.

Photos C/O: AXA Investment Management