The humble beginnings of Prolux

In 2003 when an aspiring young man by the name of Alex Lamblin decided to start his own business as an electrician, it was simply – one man, one van, one set of tools.

Today Alex is the Director of this business, Prolux Electrical Contractors, leading the company as electrical experts in commercial and industrial building maintenance solutions throughout Melbourne and growing…

The main reason I started my own business was to fill a void or should I say stigma attached to tradesmen being unreliable, untidy and costly. For me it was about providing great service from the beginning and that’s been my main focus.

Alex Lamblin



Fast forward 15 years to 2018 and Prolux have managed to achieve success not only by becoming one of Melbourne’s sort after electrical maintenance contractors, but expanding to what is becoming a National enterprise.

Our vision is to revolutionise electrical building maintenance procedures and provide professional, turnkey fit-out solutions.


Prolux kicks off in Queensland

This year saw Prolux set up shop in Brisbane, with Ashley Hyne leading the team.

Ashley has been with the company for nearly a decade. In addition to his vast electrical knowledge, he brings expertise in the areas of automation systems, computer networking and wireless infrastructure to projects.




For me, working with multi-national property groups, global real estate entities, health, education and government institutions allows us as electrical contractors to help shape the future of the buildings in which they occupy. We go in with a mindset of achieving sustainability and efficiency for the client, whilst utilising technology in the best possible way.

Ashley Hyne

So what’s the Prolux difference?

With the lack of electrical contracting companies focusing on customer service, reliability and consistency; Prolux hold these as their core values and point of difference; along with achieving solutions and outcomes for their customers as priority is what makes Prolux stand out. Looking ahead, Prolux is set to building on their solid reputation by consistently providing five-star service to Facility Managers, building owners, fit-out companies and direct businesses alike.

Never compromise on Core Values

Prolux live and breathe their values, they’re attainable and commendable.

Communication above all else
This is the most important value. Without communication everything else falls part.


We are Prolux
It isn’t about the individual, but about what the team can achieve. Everyone takes ownership of the business and treats it as their own.


Quality that inspires
We utilise our skills, knowledge and fellow team members to create inspirational & industry leading work. Everyone takes pride in what we achieve together.


Uphold honesty and integrity at all times
Building strong and long lasting relationships with our clients based on honesty and integrity.


Work hard, have fun and make a difference
We work hard first and foremost. As a team we enjoy a joke, smile and have fun in what we do. When we work hard, enjoy each other’s company and have fun, it makes a difference to the quality of work and provides the customer with a positive perception.


Alex feels that in order to maintain the company’s core values, the rate of growth has to be carefully monitored, to ensure these values are never compromised.


Prolux has a strong presence, reputation and repeat clientele which stands as proof that we are a trusted name within the industry. Our values are who we are and that will never change.