Industrial lighting for the ultimate loft apartment

Put an end to tacky lights, with a fresh spin on industrial lighting.

Industrial decor is fast becoming the ‘must have look,’ why? Well, with the highly sort after city lifestyle, the location of many of these warehouses make them prime property for spectacular loft apartment conversions. The industrial and contemporary facade of these commercial buildings is a shell for the transformed interiors, highlighting such features as exposed pipes, metal and rustic finishings, exposed bricks and high ceilings. The unique architectural elements have merely maintained their former glory for state-of-the-art, residential living.

When it comes to designing for an industrial loft apartment, the main idea is to emphasise the unique structural elements, whilst reflecting the urban lifestyle. With this kind of transformation, industrial lighting is paramount. You want something that compliments the unique character and structure of your space, whilst providing the right kind of lighting solutions.

Loft decor of an industrial style can be easily distinguished from any other style. The living trend is relatively new – and is closely linked to rapid urbanisation. One of the main features of the industrial style is that the walls often keep their look – whether they are exposed brick or concrete, and the use of the impressive oversized windows. These large or unusually designed windows can take advantage of the abundance of natural light – which is required for the open plan interior – as that’s where the open plan interior benefits from.

These days, everybody knows how important the role of lights plays in the design of any space. Urban and industrial lighting designs are created with today’s demand on achieving creativity, whilst appreciating the raw and functional surrounding interiors. If you want your new space to really stand-out, then your choice of lighting will play a major role in achieving your industrial look, whilst providing you with adequate lighting for all areas.


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There is an ample range of industrial pendant lighting, industrial lamps, vintage and industrial chandeliers and feature lighting that will showcase an industrial design into your home, office, factory or apartment. Depending on your space, you could have any number of industrial lights to cater for your different lighting needs.

Light is so important because it not only performs a task, but creates a mood, whilst accentuating everything around it. Aesthetics, and of course lighting are equally as important as the lights themselves. The contrast between light and dark and the shapes that this contrast creates can emphasise certain areas and also help to diminish other areas you may want to conceal.

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Just remember, when it comes to decorating for an industrial look, you must consider the impact that lighting will have. Choose lighting fixtures that will give maximum light to areas that require bright illumination, such as the kitchen, but ensure they don’t detract from the overall atmosphere you’re trying to create. Lighting for outdoors requires a totally different set of specifications, but remember to keep with the industrial theme throughout.