Car Park & Stairwell Lighting LED installations, achieving great results

We are all aware of the specific benefits LED lighting has implemented for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. The high demand for LED lighting is due to its energy efficiency, longevity and reduced energy consumption, resulting in major savings for facility managers and property owners.

5 major benefits of installing LED Retrofit Lights

  1. Great for the environment
  2. Reduced maintenance costs
  3. Lower energy costs
  4. High performance – bright lighting
  5. Very long service life

Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting: Corridor, Stairwell & Car Park Lighting

Facility Managers of commercial and industrial buildings, including retail and office premises are choosing to install LED Retrofit lighting over T5 lighting and florescent tubes, to reduce energy consumption, achieve immediate significant savings and to cut down on globe replacements and electrical maintenance.

“Decrease your lighting costs instantly.”

Facility Managers can’t be expected to be lighting specialists, but they do need to be aware of lighting restrictions and compliance issues. They need to be conversant with technology, for the best lighting that can be installed in the common areas of the building’s they’re managing, such as stairwell lighting, corridor lighting and car park lighting. Facility Managers need to focus on the long term benefits for their buildings: energy efficiency, operating life span and light depreciation factors, to manage and maintain an efficient energy rating for their buildings.


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Office LED Lighting

Property owners have a liability to ensure that the lights they have installed in their offices meet electrical compliance and office OH&S standards for their tenants. LED lights perform functions far more advanced than traditional lighting products, making them a perfect choice for offices, supermarkets, shops, cafes and retail stores where bright lighting is required to perform for long periods of time.

“Quality LED lighting products offers unbeatable lighting performance versus energy consumption.”


Why upgrade from T5 lighting to LED Retrofit Lighting?

T5 lamps were originally designed for indoor use for offices and commercial buildings. Being recessed into the ceiling meant they could sit flush within the ceiling and kept from being exposed to temperature changes. Unfortunately these lights have been used for common areas within buildings for which they are unsuitable for, especially car parks, where the T5 lights are exposed to lower, colder temperatures, which significantly reduces their light output.

“The maximum light output of T5 lighting of 100% is achieved at 35 percent, dropping to 60% at 15 degrees and 40% at 10 degrees Celsius.”

In Victoria, lighting levels must meet AS1680 requirements before energy saving certificates are granted. Furthermore, T5 adapters have been banned, as of 2015, due to non-compliance with electrical safety.


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