Lighting Installation for your pool table

Just bought a pool table and don’t know what type of lights to hang above it?

Pool table lights are a great way to illuminate any pool room but more importantly they need to create the right kind of lighting. Their purpose is to light the table, not the room, floor or the players.

The lighting above your pool table should eliminate shadows and glare, to allow the players to clearly see the balls.


                                                  Who can install pool table lights?

All electrical wiring, lighting fixtures and light globes should be fitted and installed by an electrician before a pool table is placed into the room. This way you avoid an electrician having to stand on your table to reach the lights, or the hassle of trying to manoeuvre a 500+kg table.

How many lights do I need for my pool table?

The amount of lights or pendants that you’ll need to sufficiently illuminate you pool table will depend on the size of the table itself. A smaller, seven foot table will need three lights. A medium sized, nine foot table will need three to four lights. A large, 12 foot snooker pool table will need five lights.

Pool Table lighting height

If your pool table lights hang too high then you’ll end up spending the night searching for your snooker balls. On the other hand, if your pool table lights hang too low, then you’ll have to avoid hitting them with you cue every shot. The lights should also be centred across the length and the width of the table and should be between 75 and 90cms above the table’s surface. Taking into consideration that most tables are around 74 to 79cms high, the bottom of the lights should be 152 to 167cms above the floor level.

“Pool table lights should hang so that the bottom of the lighting fixture is at the height of an average person’s nose.”

Furthermore, wattage is another component that needs to be considered for pool table lights, this can vary from 40 watts to 150 watts per globe; brighter is usually better.








Pool Table Lighting installed by Prolux Electrical Contractors:

  • Modern pool table lights
  • Contemporary pool table lights
  • Rustic pool table lights
  • Traditional pool table lights
  • LED globes
  • LED lamp replacements
  • Pendant lights

Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting for your pool table is a great choice, whether it’s a single, double or triple lighting pendant. Pendant lights eliminate hot spots and shadows across the table and won’t annoy the player’s eyes with any glare.

“Pendant lamps are the best light fixture style for pool tables.”

A triple pendant light (three pendant lights hung in a row) won’t throw shadows onto the pool table and they will also evenly illuminate the surface of the pool table.


LED Lights

Choosing LED lighting is a great way to improve energy efficiency and help the environment. By consuming less electricity you’ll be saving more on your electricity bill too. Upgrading to LED is beneficial to both residential homes commercial properties. LED light globes also have a longer life span, so you’ll save on electrical maintenance and light globe replacements.

“By choosing LED globes, you’ll save on your electricity bill.”

If you find your ideal pool table lighting, choose LED globes. The same design of light with an LED globe or globes will only cost approximately 15% more, but will save you money in the long run.

Now you’ve got your lighting sorted… Anyone for a game of pool?

The game of pool is sometimes mistaken for ‘snooker’ or ‘billiards’. Pool however is the correct term with billiards being a general term used to describe any game that’s played on a billiards table (with or without pockets). Snooker is in fact a game, involving 22 small balls on a six pocket table.

How much does a pool table cost?

You’d better start saving if you’re looking at decking out your pool room. The standard seven foot pool table starts at approximately $3,000, however a very basic, light weight table may cost as little as a few hundred dollars, but they aren’t built for quality or to last. A traditional, solid, hardwood, slate base table lined with premium cloth and hand fluted legs will be an investment of between $8,000 – $20,000, ranging from seven foot through to 12 foot tables. And don’t forget all of the accessories you’ll need: pool balls, pool cues, chalk and the storage rack.

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