Commercial Switchboard Maintenance – Goldman Sachs

Prolux Electrical Contractors carried out the annual Power-Down and Power-Up Maintenance on all electrical systems at Golden Sachs, 101 Collins St, Melbourne: Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th April 2015.

Works comprised of full electrical maintenance on 37 Main Switchboards / Distribution Switchboards, including:

  • 287 (Residual Current Device) RCD’s tested and replaced / repaired where required
  • Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) testing
  • Circuit schedules verified and updated
  • UPS input and outputs tested
  • Thermal imaging; including remedial works on 52 electrical items
  • All electrical componentry cleaned
  • Hinges, seals, screws replaced/repaired where required

All works were successfully completed by four teams of Prolux electricians in less than two days, with minimal disruption to the building’s tenants.


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Commercial & industrial electrical maintenance, switchboard repairs and thermal imaging.

Goodman Property Services saves thousands with Interval Metering

Case Study: Interval Metering


Client: Goodman Property Services
Location: 50 Park West Drive, Laverton VIC
Project Value: $26,000
Project Summary: Installation of Interval Metering System to divide a 16,200sqm Warehouse/Office, into four separately metered leasable areas.


Goodman Property Services owns a 16,200sqm warehouse that was partially leased and due to market demand for smaller warehouse configurations, Goodman wanted to divide the remaining space into four smaller tenancies.

Goodman approached Prolux to install Interval Metering throughout their warehouse. An alternative solution to Interval Metering would have been supply authority metering, at a cost in excess of $60,000 for this particular property. The Interval Metering option offered a substantial cost saving, with minimal disruption to the existing tenant.


Prolux were specifically contracted to install three Current Transformer Interval Meters to connect in with the existing installation. The meters were to accurately separate mechanical services, light and power from the main tenancy. Due to the specific demands of tenants moving in, the project needed to be completed within a ten day timeframe. In addition to this, it was imperative that the power supply for the existing tenant wasn’t interrupted during business hours, or for more than a two hour period. Prolux were able to schedule the project during normal working hours with only one, one hour power interruption to the existing tenant. If supply authority meters were installed, the tenant would have been without power for up to 12 hours.

“Prolux have completed many of these Interval Metering projects and have the skills, knowledge and contacts to accurately set-up and program the interval meters.”


The project has now been successfully completed. The Interval Meters are set-up to be remotely read, allowing the Interval Metering Software to automatically generate bills for the additional tenants. This provides a seamless billing process and allows the existing tenant to retain their existing electricity supplier.

One significant benefit for the existing and new tenants is the price per kWh is based on the combined power usage of all the tenancies. It is estimated this may result in an electricity usage saving of over $3,000 per tenancy per annum, plus further future savings on reduced electrical maintenance costs.

In addition, there was a significant saving to Goodman of over $33,000 by selecting the Interval Metering solution, rather than proceeding with separate supply authority CT meters.


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