Prolux Turns Ten

Prolux Electrical Contractors is having a birthday…

In 2003, Alex Lamblin decided to start his own electrical business and sort the help of an apprentice. The two of them set out each day – hand written diary, cut lunches, Melways in hand – along with tradie enthusiasm and hard work ahead of them.

Nearly ten years on, the company has grown to the respectful size it is today; with over 20 employees and 11 vans on the road. Prolux has proven itself with a number of accolades, one being ranked in BRW’s fast 100 in 2011 for outstanding performance in business.


What is the National Broadband Network all about?

What is the NBN all about?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is designed to provide faster and more reliable broadband internet access throughout Australia. Most Australians rely on an ageing copper telecommunications network to connect their homes and businesses to the internet, but this is proving to have Australia lag behind many other countries. Technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives, therefore it is paramount for us to ‘keep up’ with the constant accumulation of internet data. Last year, the Australian internet data downloads increased by over 50%, this statistic alone identifies why the Australian Government is investing in the NBN.

How will the NBN benefit each of us individually?

This broadband network is said to be the biggest reform to the internet we have ever seen, giving opportunities to millions of people across the country. There are three technological elements; optic fibre, fixed wireless and next-generation satellite, which will be rolled out over a 10 year period. Over 90% of Australian homes, businesses and schools will have access to the NBN through optic fibre, providing broadband speeds up to one gigabit per second. This comprehensive plan to prepare Australia’s telecommunications infrastructure for the future represents a giant step forward for Australians, with not only an improvement in speed, but quality broadband access.

What are the main benefits of NBN?

• High-speed broadband access will allow for greater efficiency and lower costs.
• Ability to use rich media – such as higher resolution images and high-definition videos of products and services online, along with the ability to interact with people online through instant messaging or interactive programs.
• It’s flexible and will be accessible all over the country, meaning you can travel and still always have access to anything important, anywhere in the world.

Will the NBN be expensive?

Internet speed increase may trigger you to think price increase; however that’s not the case. For the first time in Australia there will be a wholesale price to assess the NBN services, which will mean fairer infrastructure and more choices with services for families and businesses. Uniform national wholesale pricing around Australia guarantees families and businesses access to high-speed broadband at competitive prices. Twenty four dollars per month will get you the basic service, with speeds of 12Mbps download and one Mbps upload.
Still want to know more?

Impact of the NBN
*Australia is currently ranked 28th out of the 34 OECD nations for connectivity speed, but that will all change when the NBN is rolled out…

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