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Energy Efficient LED Lighting

The latest in energy-efficient lighting is LED (light emitting diode lighting), the use of semiconductors to convert electricity into light and use 25% less energy than normal incandescent lamps. It’s the way to go, smash your energy bills in half and convert today. LED lighting has a prolonged life expectancy, lasting up to 25% longer. Chat to one of our friendly staff to discuss options to transform your home with energy efficient lighting.

In the winter months, we all use a lot more energy through-out the home, whether it is to maintain heat or light. Now is the time to implement some changes to effectively reduce costs. Insulation is installed in every house across Melbourne, however some has been installed for many years, inspect your roof spaces and walls if possible and where necessary, replace with new insulation to increase the temperature of your home, this may cause you to re-program your heating settings lower, therefore increasing the changes of smashing your energy bills. Of course remembering to turn off appliances and lighting when not in use will also help reduce costs.

If you are looking to build a new home, speak to us and see how our innovative and energy-efficient ideas can help make your house a 5 star energy rating home.