Powerstar Voltage Optimisation System

A Powerstar voltage optimisation system is a unique, innovative way to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption. Case studies have proven a saving of up to 26.1% of consumed electricity. Each system is site specific designed ensuring it’s manufactured to meet requirements for accurate power optimisation.

The Powerstar system also acts to reduce costs for maintenance because it is designed to filter out harmonics and protect against power spikes, therefore increases the life expectancy of equipment.

As a testament to its successful results in saving energy and reducing the carbon effect, Powerstar energy management systems have become a top choice across the globe, with offices residing in South Africa and Australia just to name a few.

Powerstar Home:
A Powerstar home voltage optimisation system is designed for the use in your everyday home.  Powerstar Home optimises the incoming voltage to a constant 220v instead of the usual 250v, therefore immediately reducing significant energy costs throughout the home.

Help reduce your carbon footprint, your energy bills and increase the life expectancy on appliances, by installing a Powerstar home system. It is designed to monitor the voltage continuously and ensure the minimum voltage 220v. Available to suit a wide variety of homes, and doesn’t require any maintenance. Simply installed by commercials electricians, Prolux Electrical Contractors, you will be reeling in the savings within the first week weeks.

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