Winter Electrical Safety Campaign

In the winter months, we tend to bring out the old electric blankets or the old dusty electric heaters, or other electrical appliances to help keep the family warm. However, it’s important before commencing use of these electrics, that they are inspected and tested for any visible damage, i.e. cords frayed; build up of dust, etc. Thoroughly cleaning these electrical appliances and making sure they are ready for safe use is one way of minimizing the risk of electric shocks, severe injuries, burns, house fires along with preventing the possible outcome of death.
We often read in the news over the winter months of house fires with expected cause being electric blanket and electric plug in heaters. We recommend you speak to your family and discuss ways you can minimise risks around the home.

The CFA and MFB are asking everyone across the state to start their own winter safety campaign by planning ahead and:

  • check that the smoke alarms in their homes are working, as only working alarms save lives;
  • plan how they would get out of their home if there was a fire, and practice it regularly;
  • be aware of fire risks in the home; and
  • keep a list of emergency numbers near the phone.


Testing and Tagging

As prescribed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers have a duty of care to provide a safe work environment for their employees. Part of this duty of care is to test and tag all electrical equipment.

Faulty electrical devices in the office or factory represent a huge risk to anyone who may come into contact with them. Prolux Electrical Contractors provide a complete testing and tagging service, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring your employees a safe place of work.

Whether you have brought a new appliance or machine for your work space, it’s best to get them tested and tagged before commencing use.

We can provide an inexpensive service to your company, and provide a regular appointment to test and tag your electrical equipment every 12 months.

Prolux Electrical Contractors are Melbourne based electricians providing reliable and cost effective electrical testing and tagging services to Melbourne’s eastern and outer eastern suburbs. In addition to testing and tagging of tools on construction sites, Prolux Electrical Contractors also specialise in the testing and tagging of office equipment and computers. Prolux Electrical Contractors provide electrical testing and tagging to clients ranging from small to medium businesses, right through to large organisations operating across multiple locations across Melbourne.

Additionally, as we are also Master Electricians, we can offer the convenience of repairing faulty devices on site, or even test and tag contractor tools whilst we undertake the electrical work on-site.

Emergency Exit & Lighting Systems

It is your legal responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees and clients by complying with the Australia Standards for all commercial and industrial and or office buildings to have installed emergency and exit lighting systems.

In a serious incident, exit & emergency lighting systems can play a big part in preventing life threatening injuries and/or death in some circumstances. Just like in your personal home, you are required to install smoke detectors to ensure the safety of your family in case of a fire. The same risk is at your workplace, installing and maintaining emergency systems are essential to the safety and credibility of your workplace.

Emergency exit and lighting systems need to be positioned correctly to ensure adequate lighting is always available in an emergency, they must also be installed on a lighting circuit and derive its supply from a permanent active.

It is essential that emergency exit & lighting systems are routinely inspected and endure regular scheduled maintenance checks by qualified electrical personnel. Maintenance plans need to be managed and scheduled every 6 months, which includes inspections, testing and repairs; such as replacing fluorescent tubes or batteries, entire fittings and repairs or replacement on the control equipment.

Whether you’re constructing a new building, or redeveloping an old one, it’s very important to ensure that exit & emergency lighting systems are carefully considered. Contact the Prolux Electrical team if you require a maintenance plan, a quotation or an upgrade on any emergency & exit lighting system.