Electrical Safety Tips

The safety of your family is our primary concern.

To prevent future hazards and dangerous outcomes around your home, here are a few safety tips we recommend!

1. Grease and dirt can affect the functionally of appliances and can also make them unsafe. Cleaning your appliances regularly, by disconnecting the power and wiping down with a damp cloth, can improve the function of your appliance and prevent future hazards.

2. Safety switches are invaluable for protecting your family from serious injury, electric shock or even electrocution, along with protecting your appliances. Having an electrical safety switch installed is quite easy and relatively inexpensive, make sure you maintain your switchboard and if repairs or upgrades are required always use a licensed electrical contractor.

3. When changing a light bulb, ensure the electrical supply to the lighting circuit is turned off at the switchboard, and be sure to never replace light bulbs that exceed the socket rating.

4. Make sure you clean exhaust fans and lint filters in clothes dryers regularly to prevent risk of fire and damage to appliance.

5. It’s very important to always have a functional smoke detector. Maintain your smoke detectors by ensuring that you have changed the battery at least once a year, cleaned/dusted the detector and tested the detector at least once a month to ensure your family’s safety.