CCTV Security Cameras for Stables & Horse Floats

Horse Stable and Float CCTV Security Cameras

Do you know what your four legged, fury friend is up to at this very moment? Would you like to? What if I told you that you could simply login on your mobile device and see what your horse is up to right now, no matter what the time of day it is.

You could be interstate and longing to see you beloved horse and all you’ll need to do is remotely login and voila, your horse will give you an instant selfie!


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What about when you’re floating your horses. The idea of loading 500kg+ animals into a moving box on the back of our vehicle is not something that is done without planning and caution. Let’s face it, just the idea of floating horses can cause anxiety for many owners. So why not watch them on-screen throughout the entire journey? Not having to pull-over on the side of the road when concern gets the better of us, keeps you moving on-track and your horses calm.


Is your Mare nearly due?

Forget the foaling alarm… How comforting would it be to simply login and see how your mare is coping, how’s that for piece of mind.

CCTV cameras give you the control.”


Prolux Electrical Contractors can provide installation of CCTV cameras and security systems, to work effectively for your horsey requirements, including installation of arena and stable lighting, stable fans, security and 3 phase power upgrades in Melbourne.

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