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Smoke Alarm Installation
Smoke Alarms – The Life-Saving Detector You’re asleep; your children are peacefully asleep also. Unbeknown to you, there’s a blown fuse in your house, it begins to spark, and smoke emanates. You’re awoken by a horrible, incessant noise: Beep…Beep…Beep… You rush out of your burning home, family in tow. You’re safe, you’re all safe, and in your moment of reflection, you realise the severity of what could have been without your smoke alarms. Smoke alarm legal requirements How ma...
Underfloor heating systems can save you money and energy.
The World’s Safest and Smartest Underfloor Heating System Why not consider floor heating for your family home or place of business this winter and take away the chill? Livella underfloor heating systems are smart, featuring world first technology that saves you money and enormous amounts of energy for our environment. Prolux Electrical Contractors are the electrician's in Melbourne who provide installation for Livella Floor Heating in Melbourne. Prolux provide residential homes, commercial ...

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6 Star Energy Efficiency Electrical Maintenance
Energy Management Solutions Melbourne Prolux Electrical Contractors are committed to bringing innovation to energy management and delivering positive environmental outcomes for tenants, business owners and Property Managers. We are proud of our energy efficient initiative, ProGreen, which promotes and implements sustainable energy solutions for Australian businesses. In office tenancies, good energy management means using energy efficiently and avoiding energy waste. The skill is in minimisi...

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What is 3 Phase Power?
Need more Power? Need to upgrade your power supply to 3 Phase Power? Need to run industrial machinery, power large motors or heavy loads? Is your current air conditioning system costing you a fortune to run on single phase? Does your 3 phase factory require an upgrade, due to an insufficient power supply? How does 3 Phase Power work? Electricity is either connected at 230 or 240 volts (single-phase, which accounts for the majority of domestic situations), or 400 and 415 volts (three...
How Power Factor Correction will reduce your commercial building’s energy costs.
Large electrical users face peak demand charges from power companies, effective July 2016. Facility and Property Managers need to be aware of the new changes associated with electricity and how it will impact electricity costs. Implementing correct Power Factor within a building will be the most effective and economical way of saving costs. Large electrical users will be affected by the new billing structure from power companies, effective July 2016. From this date, power companies will be cha...

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Chameleon LED Lighting Solutions
Save energy and reduce your lighting costs... Case Study Car park lighting – installation of Chameleon LED lights Problem To improve lighting in underground car park. Lighting currently used is halogen globes and the company is requesting to save costs, reduce energy consumption and the frequency of service and maintenance required for these lights also. Scope of Works To install LED tubes as a direct replacement to the fluorescent tubes currently in place. To remove 232 x 36w tubes from ...

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Exit and Emergency Lighting Tests
What are the requirements for testing exit and emergency lighting? Faulty tube or globe: Check that the light globe isn't damaged in anyway. Replace if necessary. Faulty switching: Disconnect the existing battery and connect a 'fully charged' battery (of the same type or voltage). Test the switch/circuit breaker, if the light fails to illuminate then the switch is faulty and will need to be repaired or replaced. Faulty charging circuit: Disconnect the battery and check its voltage by connect...